Thursday, 20 August 2015

What to wear to a Destination Wedding?

Weddings abroad can be some of the most fun and stylish. From the get go they are often filled with adventure and excitement from the moment you board the plane (usually in the wee hours!). Destination weddings will always stick in your mind as most people combine them with a short holiday leaving a multitude of happy memories!

Luckily, most couples choose warm climates for their foreign weddings, meaning, everyone can enjoy the sun ...yeah!!! This weekend, we at Dirty Fabulous are off to France for 3 days in 30 degree heat. (we'll be open again on Wednesday 26th) Excited? Much!

I find though, one of the trickiest things about attending a wedding abroad is not where to stay but what on earth should you wear? Nobody wants a sticky, soppy guest at their wedding and sweaty boobs are not a good look for anyone! 

So with this in mind we've chosen a few inspirational looks from our current vintage collection which are light and airy enough to ensure you remain cool even in the highest temperatures. They'll make you look hot, but only in the right way!!!

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