Thursday, 21 July 2011

1940s Glamour Make-up Tutorial by the Fabulous Maeve Byrne

As chosen by our lovely Dirty Fabulous fans:
Here is a fantastic tutorial on 1940s Glamour make-up by make-up artist Maeve Byrne.
I think you will agree that it is an excellent, easy to follow video. I've been a devoted eyeliner wearer for years myself and this video makes me want to drop everything, run home and start practising my flicked eyeliner all over again!
I'm also loving the matt eye-shadow pallet Maeve uses. I can definitely see one of those on my dressing table soon!
Make sure you pop over to Maeves Facebook page and oogle her gorgeous photos

We'd love to hear your comments about the tutorial and whether you'd like to see more!

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