Thursday, 17 June 2010

Bridal inspiration from 1950s Musicals

Leslie Caron in a dress by Cecil Beaton

Such a sumptuous movie

Feathered bird detail on shoulders

Sisi by Benjamin Adams

There's nothing like the glamour from an old musical. The top three images are from the 1958 musical Gigi which is a gorgeous feast for the eyes.
I saw this movie again recently and was struck by how modern Leslie Carons' final gown with the black bird detailing now looks.
It would make a truly dramatic wedding gown!

The shoes are actually modern (and expensive!) but divine, very Marie Antoinette. I can just imagine these teamed with a short prom dress. Very quirky and fun. Any dress would have to secondary to these beauties!

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The Countess said...

Loving your blog! I've just discovered you and what a great read - well done! Look forward to following your vintage adventures :)