Tuesday, 8 June 2010

1980's Party People

Aren't we stylish!!!

A little bit Tokyo Cute, a little bit 80's Ra-ra

Me and my shoulder pads later left the party to go play American Football!

Oh The 80's...How I love to hate you...

While Dirty Fabulous relocates I find myself with a lot more time on my hands, in particular my weekends are free, I temporarily get to do what most people have always been doing...seeing friends!

This weekend I was at my best friends 30th in Wexford. 1980's was the theme, scary yes...fun...definitely!

1980s fashion is big at the minute on the high street so it was hard not to look too current. But everyone put in a big effort, there where some Fame girls, Guns & Roses members, Jimmy Saville, many Miami Vicers (hilarious!) and so on.

I got my dress in a charity shop and made the shoulder pads and military chains. It was worth the effort because I won The Best Dressed!!! I was highly chuffed!

While fashion might have had a nervous breakdown in the 80's music hit one of it's brightest era's and so the dancing on the night was EPIC.

A fab night was had by all

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